Mechanic Games and Safe In Our World


Mental health is one of the most important challenges facing our society and for the future. We have to take the first step in order to promote its mental well-being. Moreover, we have to bear in mind that it is everyone’s responsibility: it begins with us and all the people around us, be it our family, couple, friends or coworkers.

For this reason, Mechanic Games is pleased to announce our partnership with Safe in Our World charity, which aims to create and promote mental health awareness all over the world in the video game industry.

Mechanic Games supports the transformative power of video games to improve our society. That’s why we have joined the #LevelUpMentalHealth initiative created by Safe In Our World in order to promote this change starting with our own workplaces. It wants to assure that these places are safe and conducive to everyone’s mental health.

Mental health awareness and outreach are necessary both inside and outside our studios. Only by doing so, we will succed in removing the different stigmas surrounding mental health for our developers and players. We are going to make mental health a normal topic of discussion and we are going to promote dialogue so that people are not afraid to seek help if they need it.

As pioneers in Spain in joining this initiative, we encourage developers, publishers, content creators and all the members of this industry to join #LevelUpMentalHealth and be part of the change in order to build a better society developing through the video games world.

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