It’s time to go deep into Suyana

Suyana is a third-person, Adventure, Action, Puzzle and RPG game -for PC and Desktop Consoles- with 3D view which is currently in development. In this game, you will play a a young girl named Neeth who will explore the island of Suyana together with Thaluk, an ancient magical Golem, in order to rescue your twin sister and save the kingdom from he imminent ecological collapse originated by an unknown and threatening evil.

Besides exploring a vivid island full of fantastic flora and fauna, facing a multitude of enemies and developing a strong bond; Neeth and Thaluk will embark together on a journey of self-improvement in which they will discover who they really are and why they have been connected since ancient times.

There is always a leitmotif in the whole video game

The development of the story and the gameplay are based on the continuous combination of mechanics and actions between the two main characters.

  • Adventure and Action: Join forces with Thaluk to combine skills, create new strategies and defeat powerful enemies in real-time action RPG-style combat.
  • Exploration: Suyana is like a big puzzle in which you must solve small ones with your magical powers and the help of Thaluk and his abilities in order to discover new places and continue your adventure.
  • RPG: Create your own combat style and improve your skills by equipping different weapons and armours. All this without having to deal with difficult stats.

Throughout the gameplay itself, and obviously through the development of the story, players will experience an epic and emotional adventure full of values such as self-improvement, friendship and responsibility, with a strong message of environmentalism and respect for nature.

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