Put a helmet on them, even if it is by force.

A Helmet to the Head is an arcade game for desktop, laptop and mobile devices in which you have to throw helmets at rebel bikers who have chosen not to wear theirs.

But don’t think it’s all plain sailing, as the bikers will pass more and more quickly; in such a way that it will present a great challenge for even the most hardcore gamers.

Help yourself out with these Power Ups!

How to stop these thugs and their motorcycles in their tracks? Don’t worry! We have developed a series of power ups that will come in really handy.

First, try freezing them to slow them down or throw a Missile Helmet that will follow them to the furthest end of the screen. If things are getting difficult, throw an Atomic Bomb which will clear the road of these rebels. Everything is so peaceful, what did you expect? This is A Helmet to the Head!

Experiment with different game modes

Fun is a guarantee in our two game modes: Survival y Time Out. Put the helmet on heaps of bikers to get the high score, or record the best time possible without the clock running out.

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Available soon!