Hi! Nice to meet you 👋

We are Mechanic Games

Hi! Nice to meet you 👋

We are Mechanic Games

We believe in a better world thanks to video games, apps and technology ❤️

Since 2013, Mechanic Games has been an innovative game and app design and development studio based in Huelva (Spain).

We are a multidisciplinary, multicultural, diverse, inclusive group committed to improving our planet.

We believe in the power of transforming the world through video games, apps and technology; and we reflect this idea in all our work.

Play, dream and build a better world with us. It’s our turn.

Beyond entertainment

Games for social impact

We make your successes a reality

Business Services

What we stand for

For a more sustainable, fair and inclusive world guided by love and respect for all living beings on our planet.

Awards and Recognitions

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