Create Your Own Monster Update 2.0

New creatures, mini-games and features arrive in the game with its mega update 2.0. Download it for free on iOS and Android!


The monsters are celebrating! The family-friendly game Create Your Own Monster announces the release of its major Update 2.0, turning the game free-to-play and adding a plethora of new content for its players.

Now available on iOS and Android, this version 2.0 evolves and expands the experience of creating, coloring, and playing with our own creations, giving more freedom than ever to the imagination of the most creative minds in the house.

The new features of Create Your Own Monster (Versión 2.0):

  • Improved Monster Lab. Now it’s possible to create as many creatures as we want and modify them at any time, being able to change body parts and recolor them. New tools have also been added, such as the paint bucket.
  • New mini-games for having a blast! Dance to the rhythm of the music using your memory in Dance Monster and test your reflexes with Flappy Monster, among others. We will continue to add new mini-games for free!
  • Leveling up your monsters is more rewarding than ever: earn Monster Coins in mini-games to unlock new monster parts in the in-game Store. Don’t miss out on the Daily Rewards to also get valuable Scare Gems!
  • Seasonal events. New creatures will often visit Create Your Own Monster, and some of them for a limited time, coinciding with real-world festivities, like currently Chinese New Year. We all celebrate together with our monsters!
  • General improvements to the User Interface and User Experience to make the game better than ever. An educational, easy, secure, and intuitive experience for the whole family.

Since the launch of the first version, at Mechanic Games, we have worked on expanding the original essence of the game, with special attention to the feedback from our community. Thank you for your support and your ideas to improve Create Your Own Monster!

What are you waiting for? Enter a world of imagination, where you can bring fun creatures to life and enjoy exciting mini-games! Download Create Your Own Monster for free on iOS and Android.

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