Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Rush of Dons is an innovative turn-taking board game four players that employs gameplay that is like a mix of Parchis and turn-taking card and strategy games, resulting in an addictive game that is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Take a shot? Go a few squares forward in a limousine? Set a trap? With the cards, you are in control of the board.. You decide when to use the ace up your sleeve.

One Don to rule them all.

4 families, 1 city and only 1 Don. Become the most feared gangster in all Chicago. To do this, you choose your family and begin the crazy race to the goal of becoming the big boss: the Don.

Immerse yourself in the 1920s.

Whether it’s through the cards, the files, the zones or the characters… Every detail of the game is based faithfully on the character aestethic of the 1920s, gangster lifestyles and the mythical genre of film noir.

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